GFWC-MFWC President's Special Project

Sherri E. Reid, President
2020-2022 Administration

Our Theme

Do Something today that your future self will thank you for… Plant > Recycle > Pick It Up!

Our Tagline

Plant > Recycle > Pick It UP!

President's Special Project

Our theme for the 2020-2022 administration is, “Do Something today that your future self will thank you for… Plant · Recycle · Pick It Up!

Growing up I would spend a lot of time in the woods watching nature, reading against a tree, always enjoying the trees, the leaves on the ground, the solace and peace of it all. My Daddy enjoyed being outside too.  He taught me to identify the trees by their bark, the fruit, and the shape of the leaves; all about the trees. My first year of college my biology professor spent the first two weeks of class walking with our class around the campus looking at the bark, the leaves, and the fruit of the trees. I thought everyone knew what a wild cherry tree or a hickory tree looked like. I was amazed that no one knew the name and identification of the trees in the woods. Not everyone was lucky enough to grow up with woodlands to enjoy!

Over the years, this appreciation for the trees and the outside world fostered in me an awareness for the way in which our world is treated. Seeing our creeks, rivers, and beaches littered with trash; trash that is purposefully left by someone is offensive to me.  I want to say, “Just pick up your trash!”

Driving around my town and our state, seeing other counties and cities that are littered with trash just makes me so sad. I want to pull over and pick it up.

I hope that over the next two years we can learn about natural habitats and keep them clean by picking up the bottles, plastic, Styrofoam, paper plates, cigarette butts, and food containers. Instead of filling our landfills with more trash, maybe we can make some changes in our lives and make an effort to add less to them.  We can learn what will recycle and ask the question for our town, “Is recycling a priority for us?”  It may not be but let’s ask the question, because “Yes” may be the answer.

We should plant a plethora of trees to populate our forests. There is not one bad thing about a living tree. Trees use carbon dioxide to reduce global warming, provide firewood, release oxygen, furnish timber, stop erosion, provide food for bees, birds, animals, and humans, provide windbreaks, beautify the landscape, supply shade, and offer habitat for birds and animals. Trees make everything better!!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for! - Plant Recycle  Pick It Up


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