GFWC Grants and Other Funding Resources

Grants and other funding resources are available from GFWC and some of our partners for specific programs and projects. Grants vary in amount and in their recommended use. Grant winners typically are required to submit a short evaluation form describing how they used the funds. The best part is that the application forms are quick and easy to complete!

Membership Grants

GFWC grants are available to clubs to assist with recruitment efforts and to Districts to assist with club-building efforts. Designated for each GFWC fiscal year, which begins July 1 and ends June 30, GFWC offers $50 to clubs for member recruitment programs and $100 to Districts for club-building programs.

To apply for a membership grant, contact or call 202-347-3168 to receive an application. Return the form to GFWC at least 45 days prior to the event. GFWC will award no more than one grant per club or District per GFWC fiscal year.

Focus On Literacy Club Grants

In order to assist GFWC communities affected by man-made and natural disasters, GFWC established the GFWC Library Replenishment Fund. GFWC clubs have a long history of founding, maintaining, and promoting libraries. Grants will be provided to GFWC clubs to help replenish affected libraries in their communities.