Guidelines for GFWC-MFWC Scrapbooks Contest

Entry Deadline
Scrapbooks must be post-marked to the District Book Chair by February 15.
  Please note:  if the postmark deadline falls on a Sunday, Scrapbooks MUST be postmarked by the prior Saturday. Each District Chair should judge the books according to the guidelines listed below.  The same criteria will be used for state judging.  General and Juniorette clubs are judged separately.

District Contest
All scrapbooks judged first place shall be taken by the GFWC-MFWC President to the State Books Chair.  The District Books Chair is responsible for placing them in the President’s car.  The District Book Chair should make two lists of the books going forward, giving one to the President and keeping one for herself.  All other books must be picked up at the close of the District Convention by the club.

State Contest
All entries in the state competition must be picked up at the designated time at the State Convention by the sponsoring club.  If no one from the club is present, the District President should pick up all books from her District.

Judging Guidelines

    1. Scrapbooks will be judged according to the following 4 classifications:
      • Classification A: Under 20 members
      • Classification B: 21 – 35 members
      • Classification C: 36 – 50 members
      • Classification D: 51+ members
      • Classification E: Digital Scrapbook

      (Classification may be attached to the inside of front cover as not to damage book.)

    2. Physical Aspects
      • Size not less than 8½ x 11
      • Cover (durable and stiff)
      • Identification on cover 
        1. Club
        2. Town
        3. District
        4. Year, theme and dates of organization may also be used

    3. Contents
      • Pictures or listing of GFWC, GFWC-MFWC and District Officers
      • Pictures of club officers and members (Individual or group)
      • Club meetings (pictures, any information relating to program and publicity of meeting)
      • Club projects  (pictures and publicity)
      • Conventions and special meetings
      • Letters relating to club activities
      • Record of awards received
      • Any club related material (newspaper, magazine articles or miscellaneous)
      • All pictures and material must be labeled
      • Contents covering period from January 1 through December 31 only
    1. Skill In Execution
      • Originality in following administration theme or selected theme.
      • Chronological sequence of programs and projects
      • Creative and attractive arrangement of pictures and materials
      • Variety of materials
      • Neatness (pictures and other materials cut straight/evenly, erasures complete, lines straight, etc.)

    2. Excellence of Copy
      • Adherence to style throughout book
      • Excellence of pictures, articles and materials (Remember- a picture is worth a 1000 words!)