Guidelines for GFWC-MFWC
"Clubwoman Of The Year" Award

The “Clubwoman of the Year” Award is the highest honor presented annually at the District and State levels to an outstanding GFWC-MFWC member.  The award is given on the District and State levels to the Clubwoman who, in the opinion of the judges, has given of herself and truly exemplifies the Mississippi Federation Clubwoman.  The nominee should be a club member who has served her club and her community through her club.  Her club and her community must be better because she is an active volunteer.

Nomination materials will not be returned.  Judging will be done by GFWC members from another state.  The State winner will be chosen from among the District winners.  Please make every effort to send in a nomination from your club!

  1. Entries will be judged on the following criteria
    • The entry must cover work done by the nominee for one year, January 1 through December 31 of the current year.
    • The nominee must have been selected “Clubwoman of the Year” by her club, and must presently be an active member of her club.  There can be only one entry from a club.  Previous state winners and members of the Executive Committee are ineligible for this award.
    • Entry must be in a bound, typed form using one side of the paper only.  Pages should be letter size (8½ x 11) and type should be double-spaced.
  2. The entry must include the following
    • On page 1:
      1. Name, address and photograph of the nominee
      2. Name of Club
      3. Town
      4. District Number
      5. Signature of Club President
      6. Past club work and accomplishments should be listed to help judges evaluate a sincere and continuing interest in Federation.
    • The written portion telling about the nominee’s family, children, interest, hobbies, civic and church work may be up to 5 pages in length.
    • Supportive materials such as newspaper clippings, snapshots, and letters from civic leaders may be included, not to exceed 8 pages.

To Apply:
Complete all requirements as stated above.

Postmark Deadline:
Entry must be postmarked by February 10 of each year.  Please note:  if the postmark deadline for an application/form falls on a Sunday, the application/form MUST be postmarked by the prior Saturday.

Mail To:
Mail entries to Theresa Buntyn, GFWC-MFWC President.